VirtualDub Plugins Pack

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The VirtualDub Plugin Pack (VDPP) is exclusive.

It is a pack including the most commonly used input filters, available both in English and French.
The user can select one or more plugins to install, then the setup will copy the needed files to VirtualDub install directory and modify some registry keys if needed.

A future version will auto-detect plugged USB drives with U3 technology or PortableApps Platform and if so, will allow user to chose on which VirtualDub install (standard, U3, or PortableApps) the selected input plugins will have to be activated.

Tip: the setup version of VirtualDub available on this website first check for a local (same directory as “VirtualDub.exe”) “VD_plugin_pack.exe” file and, if detected, will then use it without trying to download it on Internet. It may be useful for a CD-ROM distribution, a silent install, or an install on a computer without Internet connection.

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